Thursday, December 3, 2009

Concluding Thoughts

I had a great time with the lesson plan. My partner and I came up with activities together and we divided the work, each one of us contributed evenly. The objective of my lesson was students will be able to identify the different nursery rhymes within the book. We measured the students assessment two ways: 1. Formative: Teacher will circulate the room and provide students with help if need be. 2. Summative: Students will be given a ditto with many nursery rhymes characters and they will have to identify the characters in that were in the story. They will need to identify at least 6 out of 10 by circling them. The lesson was executed as written in the plan. the mos important thing I tried to teach the students was that learning can be fun, they learned using fairytales, there is always a fun activity to do with the students to motivate them to learn. I believe the lesson ran very smooth, if I had to do it again I would only change one thing, I would a coloring sheet for each of the students so they wouldn't have to work in groups. In my opinion that would be the only thing I would need to improve in the lesson.

My partner and I incorporated the podcast of the story into our lesson because we thought that it incorporated technology which is always wonderful to have in the classroom. The students reacted well to the podcast, the sound was loud enough to hear and the story was short so I'm sure the students paid attention. We could of also infused the podcast while the students were coloring the fairytale to help them remember the story better. I would use podcasting to record the students rehearsing a play or a song, so they can store the recording for future reference.

I enjoyed the lessons of my classmates. I came across a lot of useful materials for the future and interesting discipline ideas such as: the pie behavior if your group behaved well you had a chance to paste a piece of the pie on the board and whoever completed the pie got a prize, the activity with the paint was also very interactive and interesting. The activity with the cotton balls representing the different types of clouds was also very neat.

I had a wonderful time sitting in and participating in the lessons. It really gave an inside look into the every day classroom setting. All the lessons were very different and creative, I found them to be very interesting and it gave me an opportunity to think of great ideas to help keep students alert and focused. Everything from disciplinary behavioral methods, to attention grabbers, to activities was great.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lesson Planning

My partner and I have agreed to do a combined lesson on nursery rhymes for our book "Once Upon a Time". We already have the lesson half way done along with the assessment portions. It's all coming together very well. I'm very excited for our lesson and cant wait to present it to the class. We are going to incorporate the smart board into our lesson and I'm very excited yet nervous about using the smart board because I'm not used to it. But I'm open to new technologies and will have a lot of fun!

Final Day in the Lab

Ok today my partner and I are going to decide whether or not we are going to team teach our lesson. It sounds like fun and I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My day in the Computer Lab

The time in the lab went by really fast. Although, I accomplished everythinhg on my to do list and more I would of really enjoyed more time. My partner and I created the five questions about the story to ask our students. We also came up with lesson plan ideas. I'm having so much fun with my lesson, I was getting carried away with all the things I wanted to do Dr. Luongo had to bring me back to reality. I'm focusing my lesson on fairytales. I personally love fairytales so I'm really looking forward to my lesson.


These are the questions I would ask my students about the stoty, "Once Upon a Time":

1. Where have you heard the title Once Upon a Time before?
2.Since the picture of the three little pigs and the wolf are on the cover how does the sory of the Three Little Pigs go?
3.Does anyone know what rhyming words are?
4. Can someone give me and example of two words that rhyme?
5. Can someone name some of the fairytale characters in the story?

Lesson Plan

Today my partner and I are going to come up with a few ideas to create our lesson plan on the book "Once Upon a Time". We have completed our podcast and are moving onto the next step. We will hopefully get a jump start on our lesson plan, and work together on ways to make it a creative educational experience for our students.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ok we have completed our recording, we recorded the story three times. We even added a picture to our podcast episode. It was very fun yet frustrating to record because we had to practice at which distance to hold the microphone so you could hear our voices loud and clear.We got the hang of it. And our podcast was successful.